How to Personalise Custom Merchandise

Prepare your Image for Printing 

  • The Image must be in PNG or JPG format only, for uploading into the Design Studio. If it is not, you will need to change the format
  • PNG format is better than JPG, for Art, or Logo's, as it keeps the colors crisper 
  • To change the format of your design to PNG or JPG,  just pick your design, or image, then right click design, pick 'File' then 'Save As' choose PNG or JPG from the drop down bar below image, then click save
  • Images that are being scanned, such as Art or Drawings, can be scanned with the Resolution set to 300dpi (change this on the scanner), to give a good clear image
  • If you are unable to change the resolution on your image, we can do this for you, as we check all images before sending to print, free of charge

Create your Custom Merchandise

  • First, choose a blank product within 'Custom Merchandise' collection Select your color, and correct size (please note size chart is for garment size not body size)
  • Click 'Design It' button
  • Click 'Upload File' in Design Studio. Upload any Art, Image, Photo, Logo or Design from your computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Alternatively click on 'Clip Art' in Design Studio to choose one of our images
  • Write text over any Design or Photo using the Text Function by clicking the 'T' in the Design Tool. You can change the Font Color, Style, and Size also from that section

Products can be personalized on Laptop, Tablet & Mobile

  • Once Design or Image is picked, it will appear on the product in a small box
  • Hover over the corners of the box, and you will see an arrow appear
  • Expand the design from the corners to keep the correct ratio for your design
  • Pull on the arrow with your finger on mobile or tablet, and your mouse on laptop. You will see the image expand
  • You can move the image about until you are happy with the look of your design 
  • You can upload an image more than once, this will enable you to create a different look on your custom merchandise
  • If you wish to change your Image, just delete it by clicking on the image first, (you will see a square box appear around the image). Click on the sign next to the Upload Button. You can then re-design your garment by uploading another image if you wish 
  • Once finished, you can download the image to your device, or 'Add To Cart' - then proceed to Checkout
  • At Checkout, fill out the address you want the item to be sent to, along with email, and contact number, to enable us to send you tracking updates 
  • We send items worldwide, therefore you can send gifts to friends, and family in different countries if you wish

    If you have issues with your design, then please feel free to reach out to us using the Contact Us Form at the bottom of the homepage, we are always here to help   

    Use the All-In-One design studio from INKCru & Co to create the Best Personalised Collections Online, to ensure you look good from head to toe! 

    Happy Designing!