Funny Car Window Pet Sun Shade featuring Dogs Are Feminists Too!

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Dog or Feminist? Which one is yours? Celebrate Feminism, Women's Rights, and be the center of attention on the road, with our Custom Print Funny Quote 'Dogs Are Feminists Too' car window sun shade, perfect for dogs, of any breed or size

You will be the envy of everyone, and definitely start a conversation with this sun shade, so don't be shy, join the movement, and show everyone that even our Fur Babies celebrate Feminism, just like you! It's also the perfect gift for Mother's Day, Birthday or Xmas, for a loved one or a close friend, and don't forget Father's Day, this Sun Shade quote is great for playing a joke, and embarrassing your dad all year round!  

We adore the special Peep Hole, which is so unique, and allows your dog to pock his head out to enjoy the cool breeze, at the same time checking out whats going on. Our Custom Print Car Window Sun Shade, will also help protect your dog from the harmful glare, and heat of the Sun's Ultraviolet Rays, which can often lead to heat stroke, or cause many dogs to become distressed on car journeys

Made from a Soft Flexible Stretchy Fabric, which gives maximum elasticity so your dog can comfortably poke his head out with ease, the Sun Shade is a Universal Fit for all makes, and models of cars

It's easy enough for anyone to install and remove, with two magic stickers to fit your window frame 

Includes One Window Cover Size Width: 24.41". Height: 21.26"

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